Two Little TimeHello and Welcome to Two Little Time!

I’m so glad you found your way to my blog!

My name is Leah, I am a busy wife and mom to two fantastic (and spirited little girls). I was a social studies teacher for over 10 years and have taught in a variety of settings. I am passionate about my family, my faith, and a plethora of other topics from education to cooking and gardening to writing.

I created this blog because too often in life we complain about having too little time–too little time with our kids, too little time to spend with our spouses, too little time to get the house clean, too little time for ourselves, too little time to be who we really want to be.

This blog is my challenge to myself to MAKE time! I want to share my struggles as I pursue my long-deferred dreams and goals. I want to encourage other busy moms, in whatever stage of life they find themselves, to make time to do what they want to do and be who they want to be. I want to remind you (and myself) that it is also OK to just BE.

I hope you are blessed by sharing my journey!

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